Board and Officers

Chair of the Board

Julie Zoller

The Chair of the Board leads the association in achieving its vision.

Executive Director

Matt Fineout

The Executive Director facilitates the business of the association by ensuring resources and information are available for its activities.

Vice Chair of the Board

Chandra Weekley

The Vice Chair of the Board keeps individual activities of the association connected and collaborating.


Karen Dietrich

The Treasurer is responsible for the financial management and reporting of the association.


Jessica Knudsen

The Secretary helps to ensure the association meets its reporting and legal obligations.

Farmers Market Director and Committee Chair

Renee Bowman

The Chair of the Farmers Market Committee is a director on the board elected to lead the association through the operation of the Paola Farmers Market.

Director on the Board

Scott Shappell

Members on the Board of Directors are responsible for steering the association in all its activities.


Linda Johnston

The Chair of the Oversight Committee is an individual elected from the membership to ensure the association operates in ethical, equitable, and responsible ways.