Matt Fineout, Executive Director

Matt is a charter member of DHP and has served as Executive Director since 2019.

Matt is the owner/innkeeper of Netherfield Natural Farm in Fontana with his husband, Scott. Their company, Netherfield Natural Farm, LLC, is currently in an expansion project to open another lodging property at 8 East Kaskaskia Street in Paola, Netherfield Inn.

Originally a native of rural New York State, after graduating from college he moved from Rochester, NY, to Washington, DC, to start working for the Bureau of the Fiscal Service at the US Department of the Treasury. Matt is still currently a public servant with Fiscal Service here in the Kansas City metro area, where he will soon celebrate 20 years of service.

Since moving to Kansas 8 years ago, he and Scott have had the pleasure of enjoying the fresh air, clear skies, and friendly community here.

The Executive Director facilitates the business of the association by ensuring resources and information are available for its activities.